Wednesday, June 25, 2014

In the Lonely Hour

Not much has been able to pull me out of the semi blog-tirement I've been experiencing.  However...

Sam Smith.

He's 22 and British.  And talented.  Like crazy talented.  He's being hailed as the next Adele, which is not a generous heaping of praise.  In my book, he's more than earned it.

A few months ago he was on SNL, and he blew me away.  He sang the gospel-tinged Stay With Me for one of his turns onstage and later posted a duet of this song with the incomparable Mary J. Blige.  It was several antsy weeks for me until his album In the Lonely Hour "dropped" last Tuesday.  I bought it.  And it is good.

His songs showcase an enviable vocal range, and although my favorites are the more stripped-down ballads (duh), his pop songs are fun without going Gaga.  

Late last week he up and covered Whitney Houston's How Will I Know, slow-jam style.  And he nailed it.  So now it's official that I'm obsessed.  He has the chops and still seems very down-to-earth.  Oh, and he's coming to the Ryman in October!  Tickets: purchased.  Show: quickly sold out.  Tommy: elated.

I hope you're well!