Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Confusion Never Stops...

...closing walls and ticking clocks.

Do you ever just feel like there's not enough time in the day? It seems like as soon as I cross the threshold and eat a bite for dinner, it's already past my imaginary bedtime. Then I find myself trolling e-tailers for new computers, new TVs, artwork, sheet sets. I don't even need most of that stuff. But we've already discussed needs vs. wants, I think.

I hope you're having a good April so far. Maybe in the next few days I will get some more fun posts together. Thanks for checking in with me. I really do appreciate it.


  1. And we appreciate your posts! :)

  2. DEFINITELY! I so wish I could have even an hour more in the day to relax at night.

  3. I like that clock.
    We are due for an updated house tour from you.

  4. Hourly, daily, weekly & monthly.

  5. I hear ya, the days fly by with not enough time for the good stuff sometimes!