Monday, June 27, 2011

Trading Up

I may have mentioned before, but I love Trader Joe's.  Just love it.  I took today off and treated myself to a little TJ sweep.  Yum.

Here are some of my Trader Joe's all-stars. 

1. Chicken drumettes.  They're like frozen chicken nuggs but way tastier.
2. Dark chocolate peanut butter cups.  Smooth and creamy.  And antioxidant-y.
3. Organic peanut butter sandwich cookies.  Imagine Ritz Bitz but with flavor.
4. Gone Bananas! Frozen, chocolate-covered banana bites. 
5. Fudge and/or Caramel Sauce.  ...

Sorry.  I'm back.  :)  Trader Joe's is just so beyond.  Everything is so neatly packaged and extremely well priced.  Most of you know that I'm not a big veg-eater, but they have such a nice selection that it's almost tempting.  

If you're into fresh flowers and plants, they have you covered, too.  What are some of your favorites?


  1. yum, frozen banana bites?! I will need to try those next time. my favorite lately has been the tagaletelle pasta that is flavored with lemon... just dunk into boiling water add some cheese/tomatoes/garlic whatever and its delicious!

  2. LOVE trader joes but the closest one is an hour and a half away. i keep emailing them to put a store here. i think because their prices are good they may actually work with the demographic here - a whole foods would not, unfortunately.

  3. Dang. How is it that I basically live at Trader Joe's and yet never have had any of these? Oh, probably because I get the same thing every day...

  4. Please take me the next time I visit.

  5. LOVE some TJ's!
    The blueberry pomegranate sherbet is RIDiculous.
    And they have this chocolate bar that will rock your world: Dark Chocolate bar Caramel with black sea salt!
    And organic chocolate syrup (who else besides whole foods has that so easily!)

    I too could go on forever. I lurve that place.