Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lust List: Lands' End Canvas Spring 2012

So after my mini living room makeover, I'm kind of blowing my no-spend first quarter.  That is why, dear readers, I will try to restrain myself to only ogling pictures of my latest favored items from Canvas.  (It's hard to believe that it's been almost two years since my first post about this line.)
A ringer tee with gray stripes on a white background--but this one has a blue collar.  Hehe.  $25
Like I need another cardigan.  But just look at this one.  *sigh*  $80
If ever there were a Specs-y sweater, this is it.  Green and gray.  $60
Who can resist a navy pant?  These would go with any of the first three items.  $59.50
And you know I love a travel bag.  $140

Remember that it's relatively ridiculous to ever buy anything from a Lands' End company without a coupon.  Right now through February 21st, they're doing 25% off and free shipping.  I'm keeping my fingers off the shopping cart icon.  Pray for me.


  1. You have got to get the green and grey sweater. It is so you!

  2. All of these are awesome, but I gotta say... That green and grey sweater is my fav, too :D

    You have such good taste!