Monday, March 12, 2012

Lust List: Gap Spring 2012

I have not even been blog-adjacent these days, but that does not mean that I've forgotten you, oh Specs-y ones.  Lately I've been working quite a bit and trying to get back in control of my fitness.  (You're my witness.) 

If all this treadmilling pays off, maybe I'd look super swell in some of the following picks from Gap.  Remember that you can always get a coupon or score a sale at Gap.  Never pay full price there.

Sometimes I feel like a broken record, but dang it--I love a striped T-shirt.  $19.95
I might just be crazy enough to rock that tee with these green pants.  LOVE 'em.  $59.95
This would be an excellent topper to the outfit I just assembled, if it happens to be raining.  Gap calls it an anorak, but we don't really have that word in Tennessee.  It's a rain jacket.  $188
So I don't really wear ties so often, but if I  $29.95
Well, when it comes to my style, I'm nothing if not consistent.  This canvas bag is stellar.  Even though I'm not usually a big orange fan (again, a TN reference), I'm feeling it this time.  $69.95


  1. Gap is bringing it back!! Love these picks:)

  2. You'll have to model some of your new pieces! ;-)

  3. love, love, love. i am trying to get my husband to develop more of a style. it isn't really successful yet. i guess all those years of private school have him still wearing somewhat of a "uniform."

    also, i tagged you for a blog award. check out the post:

  4. quothe lmfao "i'm spec-y and i know it, i werk out"