Monday, April 2, 2012

A Refreshing Weekend

The last few days have been filled with rest, exercise, and a bit of shopping.  I finally (after about five years) tracked down ranunculus.  Because I was using my counter/bar for some Specs Appeal Papers, I moved the vase to the bathroom.  (See my toothbrush in the background?  Hehe.)

And then I came across this post from Dear Heart (formerly Dept. of the Interior).  Then I saw an Instagram update from Jane at Ill Seen, Ill Said.  It seems that we all had the same idea for flowers this weekend.  Great minds, right, Jane?  :)

Mine came from Trader Joe's, and I must say that I'm enamored.  They're so free-form as extensions on curly stems, but the buds are rather geometric.  Nice little conundrums, those ranunculus.  (See what I did there with the nuns?)

And shhh....I'm off work tomorrow, too.  Look out, J.Crew Outlet.  Look out, Hunger Games.  I'm going to round out this momentous weekend of we-meet-at-lasts.


  1. Love those ranunculuses as well! I had a bouquet made just last weekend with those little beauties in them. Great minds are thinking alike!!

  2. I'm smitten with ranunculus! Have fun at the outlet and enjoy Hunger Games:) Savor every last mine of your big weekend!!!