Sunday, August 5, 2012

Somebody That You Used to Know...

Remember me?

July doesn't.  It was crazy.  Much like certain farmers, I'm currently experiencing my professional busy season.  Over the weekend, I did manage to pick up a new CD.  It's Making Mirrors by Gotye. 

Yeah, yeah.  I'm late to this party.  What else is new?  Not this album; it was released almost a year ago.  I saw him on SNL a few months ago and thought that his songs were catchy, but yesterday I was shopping with my niece, and we heard his song Somebody That I Used to Know.  It stuck in my head.  Bad. 

Now I own it.  So far I've listened to most of the songs, but I keep going back to the two I had heard before.  (The other song is Eyes Wide Open.)  His music is hard to pin down--part pop, part synth-experiment, and part Stevie Wonder at times.  That may sound like an odd combination, but it works.

Usually I am not up on the latest in music, partly because I get stuck on CDs.  Yes, CDs.  It still seems like such a treat that I can listen to them in my car, even though I've had this ability for about 12 years now.  *shrug*  I have thought about doing a little blog series on some of my top favorite albums.

How have you been?  What are you listening to these days?


  1. Thanks for the intro, t. I'm terrible at finding new music so this is always welcome for me! Have a top notch August :)

  2. My husband introduced me to the great Gotye album this summer too. Love it. And your favorite (CD) albums list is welcome here!