Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Big Three...Oh.

In honor/anticipation/fear of a milestone birthday, I have gone to three excellent concerts in the last few weeks.  They were basically childhood fantasies come true.  Please bear with me this post.

First up was Boyz II Men at the Schermerhorn, which is just beautiful.  For those outside of Music City, let me explain.  It's where the Nashville Symphony performs.  Balconies.  Tuxedos.  Fountains.  And the Boyz turned it out.
The remaining members played all of their hits with one glaring exception.  (But "Motownphilly" is really not meant for symphonic accompaniment.  Only Stephanie Tanner's dance troupe.)  They even covered Journey's "Open Arms" with soulful aplomb.  I remember being in junior high and singing along with their album called II.  It was epic then, and it's epic now.  "Water Runs Dry" was the high point for me.

Next up was a bucket list item.  Rufus Wainwright at The Ryman.  (I need to take a minute.)
I have been enchanted by his very unique and crazy-gifted ability since the 1998 holiday season, when he hit the scene in a Gap commercial.  Remember this?  Hooked was I.

From Rufus Wainwright to Poses to the Want albums to Release The Stars, Rufus has been in constant rotation in my life.  Out of the Game, his latest release, is not too shabby, either.  His songs run the gamut from campy, addictive pop to heartfelt, chill-inducing ballads.  But they're always smart, and sometimes his harmonies and epic moments are almost too much for my nervous system to handle.  I can't say much else except that his show will hold a special place in my memory.  Thanks for going, Hol.

(Unforeseen bonus: Opener Ingrid Michaelson.  Especially her haunting cover of REM's "Nightswimming.")

And in a bit of a happy accident, I was able to see Alanis Morrissette the other night, again at The Ryman.
I really loved Jagged Little Pill back in the mid-90s.  My brother bought it first (for his Discman, of course), but I totally borrowed it whenever I wanted.  It was so unusual to hear such anger and conviction on the radio--especially coming from such a young woman.  But it was time. 

And then I was on board with thanking India, too.  I appreciate that Alanis has stayed true to her vision, and I have to say that she was the most gracious performer I've ever seen.  She kept thanking us for being there and seemed very sincere.  Her "Uninvited/You Oughta Know" combo blew me away.

Today I turn 30.  And I guess I've hemmed and hawed a bit the last few weeks.  But it's just another day.  I move into another decade of life.  And it's a pretty great one.  I'm healthy, and I'm happy.  And I'm always working on improving. 

Thanks for keeping me and my blog in mind.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! And I think Alanis (especially listened to on a Discman) rules.

  2. Happy Birthday, T! Here's to the next 30! :)

  3. Wow, I knew about Boyz II Men and I knew about Rufus (still jealous!), but Ingrid AND Alanis!?! Tommy, I could only hope my 20's go out with such a bang! (And I'm not too far behind you.) It's been a week or so since you wrote this, but I'm behind on my blogs...Happy Birthday again!!

  4. How did I manage to miss your birthday? I need to write this down!! Hope your special day was splendid:) I love me some Alanis & Boyz II Men.

  5. Way to go out of your 20's with a bang Tommy! Gah, I would have been literally giddy to see Boyz and Alanis!