Monday, March 15, 2010

You Stole My Heart...

Confession: I don't have an Amazon Kindle, but my pal Dawn does. And she loves it. Like seriously swoons over it. (Ok. Maybe I'm overdoing it a bit.)

What I can say is that their new commercials (also linked from the picture) are right up my alley. They're very Mac-ish, but that's definitely ok. It's this 30-second stop-motion journey of adventure. This second one is the best. It has tons of simple clothes and colors and lots of stripes. Plus, that song is catchy as all get-out. Enjoy!


  1. As cute as the commercials are, and as much as I'm starting to see the appeal of the Kindle (especially after shipping my books back and forth across the country), I just can't love it. I'm too attached to physical books.

  2. I'm a book person but the commercials are neat.

  3. I completely adore these commercials, but I haven't seen them in a while. Not since December I think...

    As you probably could guess I'm a staunch book person, but I've thought about a kindle for some of my more trashy reads. Don't want that evidence on my bookshelves anyway.

  4. I seriously dig this Kindle thing. I see people on the L with them all the time, it looks so convenient! The commercial definitely makes me smile and bop my head around a bit, haha!