Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just Peachy

I spent a nice, long weekend in Atlanta with my pals Samantha and Jonathan, a fun married couple.  We went to Paper Source, Yeah! Burger, CB2, Lotta FruttaYoungblood Gallery, Highland Row Antiques, The Beehive, Richard's Variety Store, and IKEA

I had a blast.  Here are some pictures.  :)

I want two of these stools.  Bad.

Cool succulents at CB2.

Random antique-y goodness.

The Beehive is really neat.  It's like an in-person Etsy.  That's how Samantha described it--spot-on.

You know I always have my eyes peeled for specs.

Here Samantha is chilling with her imaginary wine in a 67-cent glass.

We had an excellent time together.  Thanks again, Samantha and Jonathan!


  1. I see you figured out how to post more pics. Thanks for all the links. We'll have to check those out when we ever get back to Atlanta. Glad you had fun!

  2. sounds like fun! i just started getting the CB2 catalogue randomly. i didn't know about it until a few months ago.

  3. I'm still sad that you didn't bring home that rockin' shako from the antique store.

  4. looks like such a fun trip!!

  5. We had a blast, too!!!!! I love the pictures and I can't wait for a repeat that will involve Atlanta Cupcake Factory next time!!!!