Monday, March 7, 2011

To The Victor...

I feel like the trip to Atlanta was a whopping success.  Although my resolution had to be put on the back burner, as it were, much fun was had by all.  I also spent monies at Ikea and Young Blood Gallery.  Here is what I bought:
The frog print is by Ryan Berkley via Young Blood Gallery (also available on Etsy), and the frame is from Ikea.  I just love how it came together.  I also love the caption that came with the print:

This unassuming frog is a high school math teacher. He also coaches the mathlete team who have gone undefeated under his leadership. The students like him for his laid back attitude and his "Fractal Fridays" slideshows.

This artist has tons of options for different animals in spiffy outfits.  Kermit meets Mr. Rogers was the vibe I got from this one and had to have it.  The prints come in different sizes, and some are even made into magnets.  (Shhh...I may have bought one of a doe that says "Best Eyes," yearbook style.)

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