Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Not So Fast, Alligator...

Has it really been over a year since my last ad post?  Le sigh.  That brings us to Lacoste.
Obviously there's some specs appeal to be had here, but I took the time to tear out this page, scan it, e-mail it to myself, color-correct it in Pixlr (thanks, One Fine A!), and post it here...whew...because just look at that tag line. Unconventional chic.  

What's so unconventional here?  It's a Caucasian man and woman wearing solid-color polos--that cost about a C-note each.  And they're sporting glasses (albeit super-cool ones) that are not really too hard to find.  

Did I miss something?  Lacoste, are you being cheeky?

1 comment:

  1. haha yea seriously. i feel like this picture could have worked for the past few decades. nothing new and different there.