Monday, February 4, 2013

Pre-Spring Cleaning: Bathroom

I'm in the midst of a no-spend first quarter yet again, and so far I give myself a grade of B.  A must-have night of skee ball at Dave & Buster's plus outrageously expensive gummy bears do not a resolution make.  Whoops.

But that got me to thinking about a quote I read somewhere.  Or I may have seen it on a rerun of The Nate Show.  Anywho, it goes something like this...It doesn't cost much to have a clean home.  I know this sounds awfully trite, but think about it.  You're hopefully following a regular cleaning regimen as it is, so you're already investing in cleaning supplies, even if they're minimal.

Not much is better than walking into a clean, fresh-smelling, and tidy place.  I know I've blogged about it before, but Sundays are typically my day to make this happen.  And I try to do so in the greenest way possible.  I thought I'd start a new lil' series about pre-spring cleaning.  What better place to start than the ol' bathroom?
I have oft proclaimed my love of method.  And these three products are some of my favorites.  I (try to) use the daily shower spray every time I step out of the shower to keep mold and mildew at bay.  The ylang ylang fragrance is quite nice, and it makes the whole room smell so fresh and so clean, clean.  Don't forget to spray the shower curtain liner, too.  It really does make a huge difference.

I use the antibac toilet bowl cleanser about every 2-3 weeks with a scrub brush.  And the bathroom cleaner spray is handy for the sink, faucets, and countertop.  
That spray, along with a plain ol' toothbrush, is also good to use as follows.  Pull the drain plug in the sink; spray the stopper, basin, and faucet.  Let it soak for about 5 minutes, and then use the brush to make everything sparkle.  Run hot water to rinse.  
About once a week I use these Scrubbing Bubbles flushable toilet pads (with reusable plastic wand), just to keep things hygienic.  (Does anyone remember Ally McBeal and the guy who liked a fresh bowl?) 
When I start to see pink and black spots creeping in to the tub/tile, I douse them with a bit of this Lysol Bathroom Cleaner.  Let stand for about 10 minutes, and use a heavy-duty brush.  Turn on some hot shower water and rinse clean.  Ahhh.

I also empty the bathroom trash and run the vacuum over the bathmat and floor.  Tah dah.  Sometimes I'll spray some glass cleaner on the mirror as well.  That's really about all it takes.  Normally I'll put in a load of laundry or some other chore while the cleaners are soaking and doing their thing.  I hope this little guide helps you scrub-a-dub.

What are some of your favorite products?

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