Friday, July 3, 2009

All Aboard

If you happen to have read GQ sometime in the last decade, then you know that close to the start of each issue is a segment called "GQ Endorses..." Just for fun, I have decided to endorse certain things on this here blog. It probably won't be Italian "sneakers" or male bronzing creams, though.

Anyone who knows me fairly well probably already knows that I sort of have an addictive personality. If I like something, then I really like it and want to learn all about it and then buy tons of it (where possible). That's why I proclaim to have sweet teeth instead of just the one and never jumped on the liquor/nicotine train. I would, however, like to conduct the method train and invite you all to join me.

method (intentionally lower case) is a brand of eco-friendly home products, and I simply love them all. The brand has a focus on gentleness to the planet while being impossibly stylish and fun. I have bought all kinds of their products, including soaps, mops, candles, and their book, and I fully support and endorse method. I even gave a new mom the method baby line for her little bundle of joy (and sensitive skin), and it was a big hit.

Isn't the packaging ridiculously cool? Their ads are also witty and sometimes risque. Oh my. You can find most of their products at your local Target, which is where I buy mine, and rest assured that they're reasonably priced. Check them out at


  1. You do love method. And Target. How appropriate that they go together. I happen to have their foaming hand wash by the bathroom sink. Good call, Tommy.

  2. Whenever I wear my method t-shirt, I get all kinds of questions. Perfect opportunity to explain what method is and why it's great! Walking advertisement!

  3. Method is awesome. I love the all purpose cleaner, the all purpose wipes, the o-mop, the fragrance-free hand soap, wood-for-good dusting spray, granite cleaner, the lemon scented floor cleaner, the smarty dish detergent, etc...... I could go on, but obviously a certain friend (TOMMY) got me started and they are truly great, safe, fairly cheap, eco-friendly, and allergy friendly products. Thanks!