Thursday, July 23, 2009

Not So Board At Lunch

Here's a shot of today's lunch. When I work in the office that's about 30 minutes from home, I usually eat in the boardroom, which is never used at all. I will take my food, water, and a book way back there and try to steal a few quiet moments, hopefully adding up to one hour. Sometimes I'm interrupted by co-workers who need me to deal with customers, but mostly it's not bad. Today was Uncle Ben's Ready Rice (whole grain brown) with chicken. Yum. 90 seconds in the microwave, a little stir, and voila.

I'm about to finish a book that my pal Ann Marie let me borrow. It's called Devil in the Details by Jennifer Traig and is her memoir about having OCD and how it sort of bled over into her religious convictions as a confused child. I was expecting Sedaris-style humor and totally outlandish episodes from her life, but I have to say that it was a bit of a letdown. The cover is mega-cool, though. There were only two or three instances when I laughed out loud. Don't worry, though--the boardroom is waaay in the back.

I wanted to share a quick excerpt that is exactly what I've said before and will probably say again: If I had my way I would never have to drive at all. My plan was to make a lot of money doing something I was actually good at--the tetherball, maybe--and hire a chauffeur. Driving just didn't interest me at all.

Reading on my lunch break is one of my favorite things. It's very calming, and I've made my way through many a book. Plus, it's cheaper and healthier than going out all the time. Give it a try if you can spare the time.


  1. I love some UB Ready Brown Rice.

  2. I read on my lunch break every day!!! I can never eat in the cafeteria because when you work in ITS, everyone has a computer question. *sigh* I love my quiet time with a page turner. :)

  3. i always try to read on my break but can't stay focused. love this post-its a little glimpse into your day.