Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Last week I had a few errands to run, and I was able to stay with some good friends of mine. My pal Ashley's sister Amy was out of town and graciously opened her upstairs suite to me for the evening.

Here is her ultra cozy bed. It slept as well as it looks. Trust me.

Here is a small dresser that's being utilized as a nightstand. It was awesome. Amy even queued up a soothing playlist for me on her iPod; I wish I'd had time to listen.

Notice the excellent color on the walls. It's a very pale bluish/silver. And it's a huge improvement over the previous color.
Amy has great style. Here is an art piece that she found. She wanted me to make it clear that her room is not exactly finished just yet, but I think it's dang-near perfect. Everything works really well without being overly 'done' or complicated. Plus, she has excellent book and art collections.

Way to go, Amy! Thanks again.


  1. I love the piece of art and wall color.

  2. Always so lovely to sleepover somewhere this nice!

  3. It is my dream to have a guest room where I can make people feel this comfortable. Love all of the sweet details.