Wednesday, October 14, 2009

More Like Wit's End... the title of this post is a bit dramatic. But I got a new Lands' End catalog today. And I realize that this picture is not a very big one. BUT it made me think of something.


Is it not an almost complete rip-off?! One is autumn-y, and one is spring-y, but look at the primary colored door and the happy couple. Even the font for 'fleece' is verrrry similar to the Blueprint logo.

This reminds me how much I miss the short-lived but well received Blueprint. It was full of cool ideas and wit. And this reminds me how Lands' End tries extremely hard to be hip but usually just falls short. You may not be able to tell it from that top picture, but the guy's glasses are all wrong. :)


  1. Is it not an almost complete rip-off?!

    Not really. You're straining here.

  2. Good eye, Specs! By the way, I miss Blueprint too!

  3. Good call. They do look alike! Also, please buy me a green door. And many linen-y overnight Land's End bags with my initials stamped all over them. Ok, so maybe just the first one.

  4. The typography is the same! Wow, you're right to call this out! This makes me miss Blueprint, Lands End just doesnt cut it as a replacement.

  5. I have to agree with you on this...its def a rip off! A complete rip off!

  6. Oh, I do miss Blueprint too...

    You should contact Land's End...maybe they need a new accessories advisor...