Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ring It On In

Happy 2010, you specs-y people!

This month I'm not making a to-do/not-to-do list like in previous months, but I thought I'd share some resolutions.

You may remember the first one. No extraneous shopping for Q1 of 2010. Yikes, but so far, so good. I realize we're only 5 days in.

I need to work on my fitness. It's been months since I've exercised, but I always love the way I feel afterward. That yoga DVD is calling my name--but very softly.

I want to read more! Now that I'm a bit more settled, I need to hit up the library (I've found two so far) more often. It's a great source for some free entertainment.

And I want to be more conscious of my blessings. I know I can sometimes get my gripe on, but I have my health and my senses and some cool people in my life.

Now it's your turn, dear reader. Please tell me at least one thing you want to do (or not do) this year. It will only take a minute. Honest.

(Note: You will be seeing this cool calendar each month. It's from my favorite stationer, Linda & Harriett, and I love it.)


  1. Oh the list is so long. But I like yours! I haven't been doing so well on the shopping front (damn sales!) but started yesterday on a little spending fast.

  2. Steve-o and I have committed to some big financial goals this year. I'm excited because it's something that I've wanted to accomplish for years. Nice to be on the same page.

  3. 1. Keep being heathful
    2. Do all things with self-respect
    3. Shave my legs more often

    It's a pretty epic list :)

  4. Tommy -- Thanks for stopping by Spice of Life and saying hi! Happy New Year to you as well. I've been wanting to stop by here again, too; love your posts. Eclectic in the best sense.
    Regarding my resolutions: This year I really just want to be more conscious of all the things that are good in life, i.e. my blessings. It's too easy to take people and things for granted, isn't it?
    Take care; I'll be stopping by again soon.

  5. Great resolutions! One of mine is to have no regrets. So far so good, but really I haven't been presented with anything pressing, haha so I am right on track. Hope you had a great new year!!

  6. I love Anne Marie's! LOL.

    I'd have to say:
    1. Brown bag it at least 3 times a week
    2. Run at least 2 miles per week
    3. Enjoy the last year of my twenties

  7. Resolutions are so hard. I've been meaning to come up with some but we're now 12 days in, and I can't even resolve to make resolutions!

    That said, one vague goal of mine is to continue to buy more things from people whose names I actually know. I feel so much better buying from local shops, on Etsy and at the Farmer's Market. However, I still anticipate tithing a chunk of my yearly pay to J.Crew and Anthro. I can't help myself.