Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Purge Day...

...usually means something different in a university setting, but here it means making room for new purchases and donating to Goodwill. These are all items that I donated. The oldest was a shirt from 1999. Yes, it was over a decade old, and even though it still had some life in it, I had to let go.
The result, amidst what I swear to be the worst lighting in all of creation, is a much less cluttered closet. I even stacked T-shirts in this industrial-looking basket I found for cheeeeap. Ahhh.

Happy New Year.


  1. Loving the colours you wear.

    Happy New Year Tommy!!


  2. What a good feeling!! Out with the old and in with the new, and perfect timing, too!

    Btw, your closet looks so organized!!

    Happy New Year!!

  3. Love the hangers and how they all match.

  4. Happy New Year, Tommy! The closet looks great!

  5. Hey Tommy, happy new year!!

    I just did the same thing in my closet, it feels so much better, right? Also love the bin you're using for tees. It makes so much sense, but I never would have thought of it. Brilliant!

  6. I am really digging that basket. I just love stuff like that. I'm all about having everything in containers and I'm always stoked to find one that looks great like that. Just be glad I didn't spot it first. ;o) Your closet is enviable.

  7. You should buy wire hangers. I hear they're really good on your clothes.