Monday, December 28, 2009

A Little Retail Therapy

Ok. Remember how I bemoaned my excess of clothing options and said that I would not be spending money come January 1st? Well, good news. It's not January 1st yet.

After an admittedly ho-hum Christmas at home-home, I decided to come home early to Nashville to take advantage of post-Kringle sales. I didn't find a ton (whew), but I did score two awesome sweaters at Banana Republic.

Each one was originally marked at $59.50 and then put on sale. At the register I was pleased to find that until noon on Saturday, all sale items were another 50% off. It was nice. You can hardly find a sweater at Old Navy or Target for about $16. Not to worry, though. I made room in the closet for this--post forthcoming.

Oh, and over at Anthropologie I found this cool bowl for $1.97. It was originally priced at $5, which is completely decent, but I couldn't pass it up. I hope that you had a great Christmas, and I know that some of my friends and readers also hopped on the Dec. 26th shopping train. What did you find?


  1. Great finds at Banana!! I'm going to have to get TBF over there.

    Love Anthro finds, too. That bowl is awesome.

    Good thing it isn't the new year yet!!

  2. I would have had to have that bowl as well. Marshall's and TJ Max are my spots for those types of deals. Prolly hit those pre-Seinfeld next Friday. =o)

  3. Dec 26 is now my favorite day of the year... :)