Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lust List: Week Three

I thought I'd go for the obvious and post my next Lust List on Valentine's Day. Fitting? Well, lust is a bit strong here. Pottery Barn is always nice but sort of basic--which defnitely has its place. See also: my wardrobe.

But their stuff is unnecessarily expensive to me. It lasts, though. The tip here is to go to the back and look for sale items. When I first moved, I found some awesome green washcloths that had been eight dollars each marked down to $1.99. I bought four.

Usually I find tons of stuff in the catalog that I like, but I just spent about an hour on the website and am just not feeling it so much this time around. Here's what I did find, though...


  1. I read the Pottery Barn catalog as if it was another shelter mag. I know a lot of people stick up their noses at it, but the stylists they have working for them are genius. I think I've seen more trends start in that catalog than in some of the big mags.

  2. I love those metal stools. I think they'd be great in our new store remodel amongst our antique cases. When I saw the basket in the catalog I thought of your great find that you use in your closet. And finally, I must have those little galvanized buckets. How'd I miss those?!

  3. OK - the buckets are on their way but I'm totally bummed that the stools are no longer available. =o/