Monday, May 10, 2010

My Fish Story

Well, not exactly.

But this is the one that got away.

Remember how I lusted after just such a fixture a few months ago?  Well, the natural-colored fixture was the right size, but the blasted thing had a diffuser underneath--ya know, exactly where the light should come out.  That might be good for a pool hall but not for my poorly lit bedroom.  

They had a taller, gray fixture (see above) that actually has a metallic interior to bounce light around, and when it went on sale a couple of weeks ago, I snatched it up.  However, much like awkward teenage girls everywhere, it was a bit too tall.  At least for my space.

I do love it, but it's not right for me at this point in the game.

Le sigh.  ...the search continues. 


  1. I have faith that you will fine the perfect fixture.

  2. you'll find the right one...and when you find it-you'll just know.