Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lust List: West Elm Spring 2011

This is how my Lust List idea started--a new West Elm catalog.  Guess what.  I got another yesterday, and I'm loving the new direction this company is taking.  It's very Americana with a twist.  Very Etsy (literally).  Very clean and fresh.  So I had to kick off a new season of the Lust.

How could I not?  Look at this.  It's almost enough to make me want to break my first-quarter-no-shopping resolution.

This is like my favorite sheets, but it's in a friggin' duvet.  What?!

You have to appreciate a simple task lamp.

Here's an awesome metal-framed mirror.  I would like to take this, turn it on the horizontal, and hang it over my couch.

Typically I shy away from red.  But this black/white/red rug is calling my name. 

Oh, wow.  This industrial metal bath cabinet blew my mind.

Ok.  I know, with the stripes, but I love them.  They make this cool shower curtain in the same gray color as the duvet.  There's a good chance I'll own it before the year is up. 

To make the resolution-keeping that much harder, I got a coupon from West Elm in my inbox today.  *sigh*  I'm trying to stay strong.


  1. I love that duvet! It's so classy and clean. I also really like the black, white and red those are my signature colors! ;)

  2. Ah be still my heart. These WE finds are brilliant, T! Love the shower curtain. Happy Friday!

  3. love that duvet cover! also you won the men's lip balm! email me at morgan.designblanc{at}gmail{dot}com with your information!

  4. I LOVE that metal bath cabinet. Just think, it will be on sale around the 2nd quarter. You need it.

  5. The industrial look bath cabinet is my fav. Shocking I know. Pottery Barn has one with metal basket shelves that remind me of the ones you got for your closet. I like it too.

  6. Great post! Everything is amazing, and I love the stripes too! :D