Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Definitely Late 20s Now. And Austin?

Well, my 20s are almost officially over.  My birthday happened over the weekend, and I'm now 29.

My twin bro and I met up at our older sister's house, and along with her family and our mom, we had a big lunch.  If it wasn't a simple carb, we weren't eating it.  For dessert we had cupcakes.  They were most delicious.

The picture above shows my placecard for the meal, handmade by my younger niece.  She did one for everybody and then thought it would be hilarious to turn them around so that we all had to guess where we were sitting.  Isn't little kids' handwriting the best?!

I'm going on a weekend trip to Austin to visit some friends, so I'm extra excited about that, too.  Does anyone have any must-sees?!


  1. victorian parlour games are the cat's pajamas <3

  2. Before you know it, you will have to change your blog intro...

  3. oh.. the thirties are the new twenties these days so dont worry! :)