Friday, December 9, 2011

App-y as a Clam

So I gave myself a bit of an early Christmas present.  It's an iPhone.  And I'm instantly/officially/hopelessly obsessed.  It took me a while to come around, as I had what I somewhat lovingly refer to as my Jitterbug phone for three years.  I felt practically geriatric.

No longer.

What are some of your favorite apps?  So far I have Evernote, CardStar, Coupon Sherpa, Instagram, Flipboard, and Redbox.  Which ones am I missing, peeps?  And whare are some cool (legal) ways that you use your iPhone?

I plan on posting my final gift guide of the season either over the weekend or on Monday.  Thanks!


  1. Oh! I'm excited for you! I want an iPhone SOOOO bad. I feel so lame for having a Blackberry. I feel like it's a pretend smart phone ;)

  2. Woooo! Welcome to the 21st Century! Try Photosynth and Incredibooth.

  3. How is it I've never used Flipboard? I love it!

    You need the Esty app, of course. There is also a Pinterest app. If you like games, I recommend Poker Pals. It's sort of like poker and Words with Friends. It's crazy fun.

    So is Where's The Water? You can get it free by liked the App Store page on Facebook. It's cute and challenging.

    Some fun photo apps are PicFrame & ToonPAINT.

  4. I'm so proud! Jitterbug. . .haha!