Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Postage...

But I love it!  Sending Christmas cards is one of my favorite things of the whole year.
This time around I'm going with Linda and Harriett's Happy Holidays snowshoes and a moose that says "Get Jolly!"  (I heat-embossed the snowflake.)  These styles are not currently available, but they have a few other good ones as well (at a great price!), if you still need some.
I embossed this pinecone on the moose cards.  I'm also going all DIY on some gift tags, as I did last year.  Fun times!  For those who will be getting one of these in the mail, I'm sorry I couldn't wait.  This is just a sneak peek. 

How is everyone getting ready for the holidays?


  1. That's what my desk looks like today too. I love it:) Also, I adore Linda & Harriett. Great choice.

  2. My Christmas cards have been sitting by the table in the den for going on a month. Chances are good they will still be there in 3 weeks.

  3. I still need to get my Holiday cards - time to get my skates on! Thanks for your lovely comment on West Elm interview, T!

  4. i love these! great work!

    i go back and forth about sending holiday cards but normally i just don't want to spend the money. i think i am going to wait until i have kids.