Sunday, December 11, 2011

Gift Guide 2011: Paper Edition

This was probably the hardest gift guide to put together because there seems to be a never-ending stream of great paper items in the market.  (You should see my list of bookmarked sites.  Whew.)  Since I already did an Etsy guide, I did not dip back into my favorites here, although there are many!

The Linda & Harriett calendar is one of my perennial must-haves.  Each page is letterpressed, and the bottom half can be detached and used as a snazzy postcard.  Stylish and green.  $30
I have these nifty custom notepads from Paper Source, thanks to my pal Missy!  This style is Bebas, but they have tons more.  You get five notepads of various sizes, all with your own name.  $35

How about some monogrammed little notes from In Haus Press via Felt & Wire Shop?  These fun-size cards come five to a set with the letter of your choosing.  $8
Can you even stand this spec-ed out ant print from Rifle Paper?  It's 8 X 10 and impossibly cute.  $24
For the paper lover who has (almost) everything, let me recommend custom calling cards from Paperwink.  This style is woodcut, and you can pick from about 30 different colors.  There are also various styles.  Starts at $31 for a set of 25
To follow up with all of your great gifts this year, you could send these retro-cool thank you cards by Blanca Gomez via Red Cap Cards.  I am digging the sort of vintage storybook vibe to the colors and font.  $3.95 each or $14.95 for a set of eight


  1. Great paper edition!! I just love the calendar:) Actually I love each and every one of these items. Want them al!!!

  2. Great finds! I could buy paper daily and never get enough.

  3. We definitely shop at the same stationery stores! Love it! Thanks for visiting my blog too!