Thursday, January 3, 2013

Home By Novogratz

Do you know the Novogratz crew?  It's a husband/wife design team, and they happen to have seven kids.  Yes, seven.  I had always seen listings on HGTV for their show and thought that it was some real estate/staging show that would not hold my interest, so I skipped it for a while.

One day I caught it, and it was like Touched By A Kardashian (in the sense that it sucks you in).  They live in New York and design some super cool spaces.  All this is not to say that their style is my style.  It's not, but I do appreciate it.

In their book Bob and Cortney N. show off some of their proudest design moments, job by job.  It's very similar in layout to the latest Nate Berkus book, but this time the budget and actual expenditures are included.  If you watched the most recent season of their show, then you won't get too many visual surprises from this book because they use spaces from most every episode.  It is nice that they can write where they sourced some of the pieces, though.

Although I will soon return this volume to the library, I'm glad I took the time to read/look through it.  Their style is way more colorful and kooky than mine, but they really do think about things like audience (i.e., kid/pet-friendliness), scale, and budget.  It's a refreshing change.  Sample quote from page 175:

When everything matches perfectly, a room can look as if it was copied straight from a catalog.

I don't see this as a bad thing, but I guess it depends on what catalog you prefer.


  1. i may have to check the show out!

  2. i love the last sentence of this post.
    so true... so true....
    my take on design is this "do you..whatever that means"