Thursday, January 10, 2013

Warby Parker Class Trip: Nashville

I'm so far behind on this post that it's not even funny at this point.  But alas--it must be shared.
A few months ago: Imagine my autumnal surprise to learn that Warby Parker, my beloved buy-one-donate-one purveyor of reasonably priced specs, was doing a "class" trip around the country.  And Nashville was one of the destinations.  (In case you haven't heard, we're the newest IT city.  Not like internal technology.  Like the shiz.)
They converted a schoolbus into a rolling optical library and took it on the road.  Locally they stopped at super-buzzworthy custom denim store Imogene + Willie.  See how they turned the front part of the bus into a chalkboard?  Maybe a bit overdone in interior design by now but super cool on a dang schoolbus.

See how they had all the specs lined up, just ripe for the pluckin'?  It was like heaven.  
They even had library cards to keep up with the frames you like the most.  Then there was a photo booth right outside the bus.  My coworker/friend Candice had gone with me, and we definitely cheesed for the camera.
 While I was right there, I decided to go into Imogene's, which now has a permanent Warby Parker try-on boutique.
The main part of the store has excellent style.  They have rolls of denim up near the ceiling, next to dozens of custom paper patterns.  (They make jeans to order.)  It's a bit pricey for me but a fun store nonetheless.

As if I could not have been more in love with WP at that point, I came home a couple of weeks later to find the following on my doorstep.
And inside....
What in the world could be better than a specs-y Santa sugar cookie?  I pretty much lost my mind at that point.


  1. What a cool experience! This is why I miss living near a big city. Not that Honolulu isn't, but we don't get all of this fun stuff on an island. The cookie is ALMOST too darling to eat.

  2. gotta love WB! great post and i am sure they appreciate your continue support of their operations.