Monday, January 14, 2013

Mini Field Trip: Shop(pe)s on Fatherland

On a tip from my Twitter friend/fellow Music City enthusiast (see his blog called Experience Nashville) a few pre-Christmas weeks ago, I headed back over to East Nashville to visit the Shoppes on Fatherland (Street).  These shops (I kind of hate that Old English spelling) are small buildings, all in a row, in a very unassuming part of town.  They sort of come up out of nowhere.
The first stop was a bath and body place called Pretty Pretty Pop Pop, which specializes in eco- and animal-friendly products.  
The store has a very clean but lived-in aesthetic.  If that makes any sense.
Here are some of their house-brand candles (by zodiac).
Lip balms, anyone?  I had to refrain from buying anything.  My pal Kate did not.
The next stop was Moxie, which showcases a mix of new and vintage items for the home and for giving.  They had some great toys, candles, and furniture.  If only I'd had the space to house the awesome mid-century couch and chair set that they had.  *sigh*
We also popped into High Garden Tea.  As you can tell from the picture, they're serious about their tea here.  It was meticulously decanted and stored alphabetically.  

Now, I'll admit that I was not completely bowled over by the whole experience.  Some of the shops seemed a little out of place.  It would be akin to sneaking a Hershey bar into a box of Godivas.  (There was a lack of consistency and quality is what I'm trying to convey.)

Overall, though, the stores that got it right more than made up for the others.  I'll definitely be going back...after my no-spend first quarter.  It's that time again.

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