Monday, July 18, 2011

Anchors A'cheap!

Whilst perusing my local Target over the weekend, I ended up in the kitchen/dining section, which is not at all unusual.  However, this time I stumbled upon this nice glass trifle bowl from Anchor Hocking.  Immediately I pictured it above my kitchen cabinets.  Or maybe on top of a bookcase.  Or filled with delicious figgy pudding.  Ok.  Not figgy.

Then I looked at the price tag.  $10.50.  What?!  I knew that I had seen similar pieces at Crate & Barrel for way more--and not nearly as nice of a shape. 

Exhibit A:

The Miranda.  It is a cool shape, but it is also three times the price of the Anchor Hocking piece.

Exhibit B:
The Charleston.  It's fifty dollars.  That is 5-0.  And it's glass--no platinum or rims or anything.

Granted, the one I bought is not pristine, in the sense that you can see a seam here and there, but turn the thing around!  Sheesh.  I think this would be a great way to display flowers, seashells, potpourri (if you're into that), Christmas ornaments, etc.  You can't beat the design or the price.  With this brand, you know it will last a long time.  Mine will probably just remain a stylish space-filler above mostly empty cabinets for now, but it has tons of potential.


  1. I love filling glassware with baubbles come the holidays - always gotta think ahead! ;) Hope you are well, T!

  2. I would not have been able to pass up that deal - to easy to justify on all levels. It would be a good punch bowl for a quaint gathering as well.

  3. Yes, Anonymous is me - to clarify. lol

  4. Another Anchor Hocking fan here. I have lots of old school pieces. I love that piece. Nice and cheap find!