Monday, July 11, 2011

Blog Much?

A few semi-recent posts on blogs that I regularly read and admire have gotten me to thinking about blogging in general.

Why blog?  What's the point?  How do you classify blogs?

I have to say that Specs Appeal is, admittedly, somewhat random musings.  I started it back when I was still living at home, finishing up grad school.  Oddly enough, I had much more time then to blog and to read other blogs than I do now.  I had tried to post every day, or at least every other day.  Now it's more like once or twice a week.

I mostly blog when the inspiration strikes, and if you have been reading my posts for very long, you know that you're likely to see book reviews, things that I'm lusting over, or my latest trophy.  It started with this title of Specs Appeal because my friend Joe Y. said that phrase to me a long time ago, and it just cracked me up.  Now I sort of operate with the idea of what appeals to me through my own specs.

Blogging for me is fun, and I'm constantly looking for things to post, being careful not to copy/paste the same things that make the rounds everywhere else.  If I do post something, it's because I think it's either valuable or funny or informative or some combination of these things.

And my opinion of ads on blogs is not very positive.  That's why you probably won't see any here.  Well, that, and my blog is rather small.  Scratch that.  We'll say intimate.  Yes, intimate.  That is why I do appreciate every visitor, follower, and comment.  Thanks for your support.

Which blogs do you regularly visit?  What are your thoughts on blogs?  Life in general?  Puppies?


  1. Seems like you were reading my mind. I have asked myself the same question and I always come back to inspiration. I think having a format to express what has inspired you with like minded individuals is what's fun. Plus us guy bloggers are few and far between but I think offer a different perspective to the blogosphere.

    Like you Tommy my blog is intimate and every comment keeps you wanting to post one more time.

    Great post!

  2. As you can probably tell by all the comments I've written today, I'm getting caught up on reading your recent posts (recent as in, ones you've written in the past month or two). I've gotten a little behind, 'tis true. Even still, your blog is one of my faves. Keep 'em coming! :)