Friday, July 15, 2011

My Desktop is Poppin'...My Desktop is Cool

Today I caught up on the blog Design Darling and was most pleased to be introduced to the office supply company called Poppin.  This site has just about everything--pens, clips, laptop bags, and notebooks.  And everything is reasonably priced!  There's an emphasis on color and wit, which are excellent talking points.

Most people at my job don't pay any attention to what's on my desk (except for the chocolate), but that's ok.  I feel that office supplies are things you should buy solely for yourself.  And when you can pick up a bundle of cool pens for less than $1 each?  Yes.
 It won't be long before I'm placing an order.  That is for sure. 

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  1. I clicked to comment on this post and it took me to facebook. I'm beside myself. :/