Sunday, August 14, 2011

Anywhere You Go, I'll Follow You, Down

I don't guess I've blogged much over the last couple of weeks.  Perhaps I'll say a little bit more about what's been going on in a later post, but I wanted to catch you up to speed on my latest purchase.

It's not these sweet sheets.  Oh no.  I still lust over them, even though they're mine, but it's these new pillows from Cuddledown.

Really, I can't say enough about them.  Or about down in general.  I have a down comforter that I got last year from Macy's.  It's currently encased in this.  And I like a down jacket for the winter.  And a down throw for the couch.  These pillows complete the set.  (Tip: Check out the final pages of apparently any issue of House Beautiful, as I did, to get a link to a sweet deal for these pillows.)

If you're allergic to down, you could go with a synthetic material to get a similar loft and cushy feel.  I bought a fairly lightweight comforter so that I can use it year-round.  In the summer, I use it with just a top sheet (and fan), and then I add blankets as the mercury drops.  My first down comforter was from Lands' End, and it lasted for years.  I still miss it sometimes.

When I read blurbs that say we spend a third of our lives in bed, it makes me realize the nice-ness of outfitting one's bed in a thoughtful way.  I like to take the time on Sundays to strip the bed, let the mattress breathe for most of the day (a Real Simple trick), and then start the upcoming week fresh, with clean bedding.  Right now my bed (pictured above) is subtly calling out to me, aided by the Aveda candle burning on the nightstand.

It's a great way to wrap up a weekend, whether it was go-go-go or slow-slow-slow.  Consistency is a quality sorely lacking in most places I look today, but this is one area that I know I can count on.


  1. It's all about new sheets, new week on this side of the pond, too!

  2. Love this post! Thanks again for letting James stay with you over the weekend. He really appreciates you being such a great host!