Monday, August 16, 2010

If Ya Want My Blogspot, and Ya Think I'm Specs-y...

...come on, sugar.  Let me know.


I want to thank the awesomeness known as Dapper Paper for working with me to design to a new blog header.  It's something I've had up my sleeve for some time now, and after considering several options, they were head and shoulders above the competition. 

They have great style and an excellent blog as well.  (The first link for them will take you to their well curated Etsy shop.)  Check them out the next time you need some graphics in your life.

Thanks, Elizabeth and Chris!

And bear with me as I tweak my layout.  I'm not the most tech savvy person ever, but I'm still having fun.


  1. LOVE the new header! It is the perfect touch to your blog.

  2. Tommy, it's perfect! It's completely you! I love the stripes and the colors!

  3. I love it! Ann Marie said it well: it is definitely 100% Tommy!

  4. Dude it's rockin'! Perfect for your blog.

  5. You crack me up! And the header is super cool. Etsy has all I ever wanted and more. . .

  6. It's pure Tommy. Love it. Your colors & stripes - perfect for you!

  7. It's pure Tommy. Love it. Your colors & stripes - perfect for you!

  8. I adore the new header, you're blog is perfectly polished!!

  9. Thanks so much for the blog lovin'! We had a blast working with you!
    Hope we get to in the future again and stay in touch!

    feel like i'm writing in a year book...

    Thanks for being my B.F.F, Call me this summer! See you at camp!