Monday, August 9, 2010

You Can Dust It Off and Try Again (Try Again)

Where have I been?  I meant to post about this a while back, sort of.  Here's the story.  A month or so ago, I was in my local mall and saw an empty storefront with the following sign above it:

Maybe you're now thinking what I did.  Ummm...WHAT?! 

I went shopping again this past weekend, on the prowl for some clothes (tax-free no less), and I noticed that this store is now open.  From the cool logo, I had really high hopes.  And the salesperson named Kathie was nice and definitely had a unique style.  I was the only shopper in the store, so she sort of pounced and started picking out things for me.  You should know that this is not my ideal situation.

She pulled a few pairs very similar to what I wear now.  Then she had me try on a round pair and a dip-dyed pair and a sort of cat eye pair.  I tried to have a few mini-heart-to-hearts with Kathie, but she was either seeing a makeover or dollar signs, so it was time to make an exit.

There were no Armani frames to be had.  Le sigh.  Remember how I had my heart set on Warby Parker?  They're so buzz-worthy that they've pretty much run out of everything for trying on at home, so that idea is on hold.  Lens Crafters was a bust, too.  Kathie said she's going to pull a few more options for me as they receive new stock over the next few weeks.  We'll see.  Ha.


  1. Kathie will deliver the goods, I know it!

  2. Oh Kathie, how nice of her. Ha! My glasses are Armani, too! I'm adoring the Warby Parker glasses, is Kathie going to put that pair in the options she pulls?? :)

  3. I PANIC when I go into a store and the employees pounce on me. I know they're just trying to be helpful, but it makes me nervous. Haha

    What a bummer that you didn't get the pair you wanted! I hope you find them eventually because they look really cool!

  4. Ahhh, the hunt continues. More time may have passed by than I remember, but it seems I was with you on one of your endeavors about a year and a half ago. The lady in Lens Crafters that day was also a wee bit chatty and unable to grasp your sense of style. When will people learn? I would love to get some new frames. I'm not a fan of my current pair so I stick to contacts. I would like to find the perfect clear, acrylic frames. When you find your's, you can help me?

    Pouncy salespeople make the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. Normally I will turn and walk out of the store or say in a matter of fact voice, "I'm just looking, thanks." What I'd like to say is, "If you are all up in my civil rights, no purchases will be made, thanks"

  5. Ughhh, haaaate overly helpful salespeople. It sounds terrible I know, they're just trying to do their jobs, blah, blah, blah.

    But I despise having anyone give me an opinion on what I'm buying, not even friends.

    Good luck with the glasses hunt, I hope Kathie figures it out :)