Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Tortoise Always Wins in the Long Run

Remember how I was smelling specs and candy once upon a time?  And then I felt quite defeated

Well, the day has finally arrived. 

Guess what was on my doorstep.

It was like Christmas in August.

Have you ever seen anything so glorious?

I had five pairs of tortoise shell frames, just calling my name.  They did.  They said "Tommy.  Tommmmm-eeee.  Wear us.  Wear us."

So I did.  Repeatedly.  From the pictures, they may look identical, but I seriously loved 4 of the 5 pairs I picked out to try on.  (Sidenote: You definitely need to get on the wait list at Warby Parker if you're interested.  I signed up a few months ago.)  I discounted one and possibly two frames because they're too similar to what I wear now, but the competition remains fierce. 

And let's just face it.  There's a really good chance I may buy more than one pair, at $95 each, plus a donated pair for each purchase.

My anti-blog friend Emily took several pictures of me in each style, but I couldn't bring myself to post them.  I think maybe it's the demo-only plastic lenses, but my entire eye area looked red.  Like Us Weekly red.  Like drugs.  It wasn't good. 

At any rate, I'm beyond excited.  I have four more days to deliberate, lean waaaay into the mirror (I'm blind), and lust over eyeglasses.  I will almost surely order from Warby Parker.  And I will blog about said purchase.

Thanks for reading, as always.


  1. Ooh nice! i may have to give Warby Parker a try.

  2. Like Us Weekly red. Ha! Love it. Looking forward to seeing/reading about the final choice.

  3. I wanna see! They all look like lovely options.

  4. Oh how fun!!! Love all of these :)

  5. Yes! I'm more excited about your new glasses than I was about mine! I can't wait to see which ones you choose!

  6. Tomm may I just say reading your blog brightens my day. I love your humor! Thanks for the entertainment.

  7. And I truly have no idea why I double-m'd your name.

  8. Patience is a virtue... And you have patience buddy! Excellent. I am sure getting the package was just as exciting as trying them on.

  9. These are awesome; anything tortoise shell is a win in my book!