Tuesday, August 24, 2010

iLike Byrd & Belle

Although I don't remember where I first saw a mention of these cool products (probably a blog), I'm glad I bookmarked the Etsy site for Byrd & Belle

Angie, the super efficient shop owner, makes really awesome tech-friendly cases out of felt and leather for pretty much iAnything, even laptops.  She has a couple of shades of gray felt and then brown or black leather, along with a gray or green lining.

Last week I bought a case just like the ones in the pictures* for my iPod, and I love it!  If you're looking for this type of product for yourself or as a gift for someone else (lucky them), consider this shop, won't you?

*from Etsy site, used with permission


  1. LOVE...reminds me of the new iphone case made by JCrew.

  2. This would be so much better than throwing my ipod in my purse only to get the headphones eternally tangled in with my keys.

  3. Tommy you are a legend my friend. I'm going to save up for the grey and brown leather laptop case because they are Chic with a capital C.

  4. I totally agree with Ann Marie. Mine is buried somewhere in the depths of my purse surrounded by lip gloss, sinus meds, Kleenex, and such.

    Cool find, as always.

  5. Wow, you just won me over! I am the biggest sucker for anything gray! And as you said - what a perfect gift!

    I am now a follower.

    ox, Mon