Thursday, August 19, 2010

If I Wore a Cap... might just have to be this one
What is that phrase?  A thing of beauty is a joy forever?  Yes, that's it.  I think that these shoes definitely qualify.  The other day I noticed them in Cole Haan, and the color and cool sole caught my eye.  Then, upon closer inspection, the name of the style had me.  Thomas.  Of course.

A captoe does not usually appeal to me, but these are different.  Plus, they're a little dressier than I usually wear.  (Most of the time it's a smart looking loafer.)

As with most things, I'm going to wait them out and hope they go on sale.  You likey?   


  1. These are great! TBF has a pair of wingtips in the same color and loves them :)

    LOVE the new header, Tommy!!!!

  2. Thomas shoes for Tommy. Can't go wrong, right?!

  3. Awesome shoe..great new header! Have a great weekend!

  4. I think Steve has these in black. He loves them. If I KNEW he'd wear them I'd fork out the cash to give him this color for our anniversary, but his feet are tricker than a chocolate souffle.

  5. Love the shoe...looks great on your blog so it has to look good on the foot. Excellent choice