Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Always List: Loafers

I feel like most of my 'always' posts should begin with You can't really go wrong with...  Hehe.  This time is the same deal. 

loafer.  More specifically, a driving moc, or moccasin.  What could be easier?  You slip it on with khakis or jeans, and you're set.  Some people try to get fancy with lacing or tassels or penny slots (what is this? Vegas?).  I say keep it simple. 

I like to show off my colorful socks in the cooler months and when the dress code at work is a little more buttoned-up.  Some of you may remember that, though.

For summer, I sometimes go "sockless" if the mood strikes.


  1. They look so comfy! Love them!

  2. J. Crew has the best driving mocs...I live in them and sockless is the way I go spring though fall...

  3. These look like some great loafers! In So Cal, where I'm from, sockless is always the way to grove!!!

  4. You can really class-up a pair of shorts with these. I have some too.

  5. A pop of brightly coloured socks? Dude, we're twins I swear!