Friday, September 11, 2009

A Pop is All You Need

Sometimes I get a little bored with what I get to wear to my office this time of year. It seems like a not-so-endless combination of striped button-down shirts and pants. Plus, I hate tucking in shirts, and I find it grossly unfair that female employees can wear glorified T-shirts, workout pants, and flip flops without consequence. The minute I wear an untucked shirt, I'm pulled to the side. (micro-rant over)

At any rate, I do enjoy spicing things up just a tad with my sock selection. I have about 15 pairs in various colors, patterns, and intensities, and they usually brighten my day. Some of my favorite co-workers even ask for a sock show before the noon hour. I am only happy to oblige. It was also cool to read this quick article for a sense of validation.

This is one of my favorite combinations--brown loafers, green argyle socks, dark jeans (on Fridays), brown belt, and a solid green button-down.

Have a great weekend!