Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Oh, Roy...

I have been a Kiehl's fan for a couple of years now. They have really good shampoo and face "stuff." (It's a pineapple scrub and works wonders, especially pre-shaving.) Plus, they give out free samples like candy.

The Kiehl's aesthetic is very old-timey apothecary. And although I've not really been a huge fan of their advertising, I got an e-mail today that caught my eye. This shot is for a new line of Acai-based products. Isn't it really cool and Lichtenstein-esque?

I can definitely get on board with this type of ad. It was about time.


  1. Oh how I love Kheils; visiting the shop is such a treat!!

  2. so NOT what i expect from kiehls..but def great advertising.

  3. Hello Tommy.
    My name is Sandrine, i'm French. I think your blog is very nice and sweet. I like your tastes, but maybe it's only because i like the same things.
    I talked about Kiehl's Web site in my blog too. This was a discovery because this product is not famous in France. But i like Lichtenstein' style.