Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bobbing for Daylight

What? October already?! I know I say this each month, but seriously--where did September go? I have no idea, but I am digging the chillier mornings. Anywho, it's to-do list time!

1. I'm going to Dollywood with Ann Marie in a couple of weeks!! Yes, there will be a blog post--or maybe even a series. Pumped.

2. Celebrate birthdays (again). Let's see...there's my friend Sarah's baby, one of my nieces, and my twin brother.

3. Eat more apples. This is the ideal time of year for that. Plus, it's one of the few items from the produce aisle that does not elicit snarls.

And what's on the not-to-do list?

1. Overdo it on the candy! Halloween is so great for buying (and enjoying) those little individually wrapped portions. Whew.

2. Forget to sanitize my desk, phone, and hands at work. Yuck. It still astounds me that customers will come in, hacking and sneezing, and admit to having the flu or other disease.

3. Neglect to thank my loyal blog readers! Tah dah! Thanks so much for visiting and for leaving comments. It really does mean quite a bit to me. Enjoy October!


  1. I agree, September flew by!! Dollywood is so much fun, have a blast!! I particularly love number 3 on both lists :)

  2. Great list! I know, I can hardly believe its October...seriously, where did this year go?

  3. I can't believe that it is October either! BTW, I just came across this band and for some reason, I thought you may like them too (or maybe already know about them?) The Freight ( I always love to know what you are listening to!

  4. Happy October! Keep that desk sanitized! :)

  5. seems like your october calendar will be changing now.

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