Wednesday, September 2, 2009's subjective.

"Art," of course. Even after my one college art course a few years back, I still challenge my own idea of what constitutes art. Van Gogh? Yes. A big red splotch on canvas? Probably not.

Then again, Pollock? Yes.

I think that art has now taken on a new context, and I blame/credit Trading Spaces. It's crazy, I realize. But people call candleholders art now. You know you've seen it and heard it. I guess I'm more of a purist.

At any rate, I recently grew tired of my above-bed...umm...decor. It was a canvas that I had painted a cool green color for the background and then started painting gray lines. I got lazy with it, and it ended up looking like a lop-sided Christmas present. Ehh...changes.

Now I have a big piece of striped paper from Paper Source in a wooden Ikea frame. The whole effect was accomplished for about $20, which is good. This picture is from farther back than I usually like because, ya know, there was a bed in the way. Plus, you can see my wall color. Oh, and that frame was super cheap, but the glass cracked like a nerd under interrogation.


  1. A big red splotch is still art to me. :)

  2. I did the SAME thing-frame cool paper from Paper Source. It is not sitting in my bathroom-also framed by an Ikea frame.

  3. I have had near death experiences with so many IKEA frames that I gave up on them. Brutal things!