Sunday, September 13, 2009


You just can't beat a classic. Whether it's a car, movie, book, song, outfit, or sweet treat, there's a reason certain things have stood the test of time and are always the perfect go-tos.

Today I broke out my chocolate chip cookie recipe to placate our delightful bookkeepers who are super busy but usually manage a weekly call to ask when I'm sending treats their way.

From a pretty humble bowl of (room temperature) butter and delicious brown and white sugars, I love seeing the way chocolate chip cookies come together. With just a few extra steps (room temp eggs, a splash of vanilla, salt, and flour/baking powder), the dough is ready for chocolate chips.

Then it's just a little scoop, metal sheet, and hot oven to...
the finished products. Here's hoping that they will put a smile on our bookkeepers' faces and keep them at bay at least until Halloween.


  1. I'm so inspired by this to get in the kitchen and make some cookies!

  2. I AL-most made cookies tonight until I realized I have a) no sugar and b) no milk. What the hey! I need to make a grocery run!

  3. See! Cookies are good for what ails ya. :)

  4. My fav! I could live off of chocolate chip cookies.