Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Right on Target...

Yeah. Sam wishes that he'd made this choice. As far as store brands go, you cannot beat Archer Farms. I say this after devouring a bag of the Chocolate Drizzle Indulgent Snack Mix. Yesterday I finished the Sweet & Spicy Indulgent Snack Mix. It's like Chex Mix cranked up to 11.

(Sidenote: I'm back on solids after this stomach bug debacle.)

I have tried several items from Archer Farms over the years, and they never fail to impress. Chips, Rice Krispie bars, pasta...all of it. It's available at Target (of course!) and is very reasonably priced. That is why I'm endorsing Archer Farms. Give them a whirl! I'm even thinking about giving out packets of the snack mix for Christmas this year.

Harry and David, eat your heart out.


  1. i second this. i love all things archer farms

  2. Wish I'd read this before my trip to Jackson last week.

  3. I have always looked at these, but never purchased. I will have to give them a try next time I hit up Target.