Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What's For Lunch?

I guess it wouldn't really matter if it were carried in this.

Isn't it nifty?!  I saw it from one of my daily Real Simple e-mails, I do believe.  It's reusable for hundreds of times, dishwasher safe, and $7.95.  Right now I take sandwiches to work in my plastic Wonder Bread sandwich cozy, but this would be a nice change of pace. 


  1. I can't explain how nuts I am about this. I mean, T, it's blue and white striped, *of course* I love it!

  2. That's so cute! I always feel bad when I pack a lunch because I hate throwing away the plastic bags that I pack everything in. This would be perfect for me, especially since I'm a big fan of stripes, too :D

  3. It really is cute. And what great way to update an old favorite. It almost makes me want to get motivated to bring my own lunch to work! haha

  4. lunch skin-clever! :)

    I'd like to see the wonder bread container now