Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ace in the Hole

I'm hooked on lip blam.  You may remember that from a while back, but in case you're new, this brings you up to speed.  And I just realized that I started this post with the same sentence as the older one.  Oh well.  I'm nothing if not consistent. 

Anywho, I had read about the brand Jack Black and how awesome their lip balms are.  On my last trip to Sephora, I decided to give them a whirl.  I'm glad this happened.

Jack Black is a men's line, which means that it's sort of low on the frills factor.  These lip balms are not too shiny or sticky, and they really work.  Plus, they have some SPF going on.  I'm for that.  I've taken to putting them on before bed, and I'm hoping that they pass the test of the dry winter air.

Do you have any new lip discoveries?


  1. TBF loves Burt's Bees so much. I almost got him Jack Black's products then I realized some of it had avocado in it, which is a food allergy of his! It always looks so nice though!!

  2. I should get some of that for Stephen to try. I have him hooked on the Anthony shaving set from Sephora.

  3. I actually use this myself. Great stuff.