Monday, November 15, 2010

Swirly Goodness, Indeed

While I will always be loyal to my favorite guys, barring a catastrophic outbreak of lactose intolerance, I have a new discovery in Nashville.  It's Pinkberry.  And it's de-lish.

Yum is really all I can say.  I'd heard about Pinkberry from magazines and blogs (it seems that stars are usually seen cavorting about with those little containers), so I thought it was time to check out the new location on West End Avenue.  Oh, and in case you're wondering what it is, let me clarify.  It's fro-yo, yo!  (I didn't know for the longest time.  I wondered if it was snow cones or frozen berries or what.)

Ashley was down with that, so we hit it up on Saturday night.  They have several flavors of yogurt and a variety of fresh fruit and fully machine-made candy toppings.  I picked chocolate (duh) with chocolate crispy drizzle and a chunk of waffle cone.  Ashley got two mini swirls of pomegranate and mango.  We were both on cloud nueve.  Unless you like that super-tart, not very sweet flavor, steer clear of the original. 

Of course it's not health food by any means, but it's a fairly smart way to treat yourself.  Nonfat or low-fat yogurt.  Active cultures.  All that.  But also tasty.


  1. You've only just discovered Pinkberry?!
    I feel sorry for you.
    I kid.
    But seriously!
    Glad you enjoyed :)

  2. Sounds divine! 'chocolate crispy drizzle' - hello!

  3. I love Fro Yo, Yo! :) We have a place close to us with a chai flavor that I simply DIE over. TBF is lactose intolerant as well so you know we hit it up often!!

  4. We just got one in Charlotte and I've been meaning to stop by; I'm one of those weirdoes that loves the tart, non-sweet type of fro yo so I'll have to try!