Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Ok.  I'm a tad late with this, but I wanted to share.

I made these whoopie pies to share with my pal Emily on Halloween, when I helped her pass out pounds and pounds of candies.  She lives on this crazy-cool street, and it was bonkers.  There were kids everywhere.  My favorite was a girl wearing a sweater vest, cool glasses, and scales down her back.  I asked what she was; she said a thesaurus.  Loved it.

I got this little word puzzle from a co-worker last year, and it's hung in my cubicle ever since.  Check out those directions.  Circle the correctly spelt halloween words.  And is RIP in this context really a word?  Again, love it.

I hope you had a fun Halloween and ate plenty of candy.


  1. I didn't eat a single piece! First time ever. I'm kind of proud actually. Those whoopie pies look great by the way!

  2. Mmm.... Whoopie pies are so yummy and those look awesome!

    I didn't see too many clever costumes around here, unfortunately. Just lots of short skirts. Haha

  3. A. those whoopie pies look amazing B. the thesaurus costume idea has to be the cutest idea I've heard in a long time

  4. you are forever cooking! :) Awesome.

  5. Love your blog....following now...K